The NCIEC is excited to announce

Prospective Deaf Interpreter Training
May 1-6, 2016
Brooklyn, MI

Join us for this unique training opportunity! Space is limited! Application link found below.

The training focuses on prospective Deaf interpreters (DIs) and uses the NCIEC’s Deaf Interpreter Curriculum. Following years of effective practices research that delineated the unique competencies required of Deaf interpreters, the Deaf Interpreter Curriculum was developed and piloted by a team of expert Deaf interpreters. For more information on the NCIEC’s Deaf Interpreter Curriculum please visit:

Rosemary Wanis

Rosemary Wanis Diaz

Rosemary has been in the profession of interpreting since 1999. She has been a Certified Deaf Interpreter since 2005. She has worked as a CDI in various settings including mental health, family/child services, legal, medical, DMV, religious settings, social services, prisons, school districts (IEP meetings & forensic interviews), and more. She has taught numerous workshops on the role of a CDI and on Deaf/Hearing Interpreting Teams. In addition to her work as a CDI, she is currently serving as a mentor for several Deaf Interpreter Professionals providing discussions on ethical situations, skill development, and practice experiences.


Keven Poore

Keven Poore
Keven is a full time free-lance Certified Deaf Interpreter and much of his work takes place in legal, mental health and medical settings. Keven received his Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Gallaudet University and has a great deal of experience in behavioral healthcare. Keven is fortunate to have the use of the new Deaf Interpreter Curriculum to aid in providing quality training opportunities. The awesome support network by a select group of trainers offers an additional layer of resources and knowledge towards the trainings. Keven also provides training on Interpreting in Behavioral Health settings.


Event Coordinator:
Carole Lazorisak

Carole Lazorisak

Carole has been in the interpreting field since 1975, and certified RSC & CDI. She is also a certified ASLTA: Professional and a Master Mentor. Her work has been in the development of interpreter and language assessments; the design of interpreting courses, training sessions and workshops, and mentoring programs. She has been providing language and interpreting training. Carole is also an author of numerous articles and a published book. She has been a consultant with the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers supporting the development of DI Competencies. Carole is dedicated to the work in promoting quality interpreters, and also to the field of interpreting.


NCIEC Liaisons:

Diana Doucette
Regional Interpreter Education Center at Northeastern University


Dawn Whitcher
Project Coordinator
National Interpreter Education Center



Holley Family Village
Brooklyn, MI
The Holley Family village has offered educational and recreational programs for the Deaf, DeafBlind and hard of hearing since 1996!

Participants can expect to leave the training with an understanding of:

    ● Fundamentals of Deaf Interpreter practice
    ● Ethnic and cultural diversity within the American Deaf community
    ● Consumer assessment
    ● Ethics and ethical decision-making
    ● Interpreting models and interpreting practice
    ● Effective teaming practices and strategies


Preference will be given to applicants who meet the following criteria:

    ● Native or near native fluency in ASL
    ● Proficiency in English
    ● Bachelor’s degree
    ● Coursework in Deaf Studies and ASL Linguistics

We invite you to consider joining your colleagues in this dynamic opportunity! The NCIEC will cover the cost of the training, accommodations, and shuttle between the airport (DTW in Detroit) and the facility. Participants must cover their own travel expenses.


Application deadline was January 29, 2016. We are no longer accepting applications.

For questions please contact Carole Lazorisak, DI Training Coordinator, at