Welcome to Deaf Interpreter Institute! DIInstitute.org is a learning, sharing, and networking site for Deaf Interpreters (DI), interpreters who work with Deaf Interpreters, DI educators and mentors, interpreting education program faculty and administrators, and people who use the services of DIs. DIInstitute.org is designed to address the needs often expressed by Deaf Interpreters for a professional practice community, learning opportunities, and public education on the role, function, and value of Deaf Interpreters. Here you will find the outcomes of the DI Partner Network’s efforts including the Deaf Interpreter Curriculum published in 2015, a list of trained DI trainers/consultants, an annotated bibliography of print and video material on Deaf Interpreting, summaries of the team’s early discussions on critical issues in Deaf Interpreting, findings of a National Survey of Deaf Interpreters and focus groups, competencies of effective Deaf Interpreter practice, and conference presentations. Please enjoy all it has to offer! And we welcome your feedback!